Wednesday, May 13, 2009

John P. Meier: A Marginal Jew Volume 4

While it's off the main topic of the blog, I've long been interested in research into the history of early Christianity, and have a few posts in the archives on books and articles I've read. I have a series of posts about the first three volumes of A Marginal Jew -- John P. Meier's opus on the historical Jesus (here, here, and here). Now the fourth volume is out, and I'm unlikely to get to it for some time. It happens there is a great summary and review at Loren Rossen's blog, the busybody; so I will happily outsource the work this time.

On a related topic, April DeConick has an interesting series of posts on the beginnings of Christianity going at her blog (first post in series here). I had a post reviewing her book on the Gospel of Judas here.


Anonymous said...

Please check out this essay (plus the book and website) which gives a radical Understanding of the origins of the Bible and Christianity. And of the life and teaching of Saint Jesus of Galilee.

The author was thoroughly familiar with all of the latest scholarship. But more importantly brought His own Divine Passion and Intelligence to His 50 year long investigation of Christianity, which began with His philosophy 101 class at Columbia University.

Plus from the same book.

gilbert said...

how about book five will be coming soon . or never . thats makes uop for a lot of reading