Monday, October 18, 2004

Evolution Sites

For anyone looking at this blog, I want to recommend visiting The Panda’s Thumb and Evolutionblog. These are sites which are fighting the good fight against misguided and/or dishonest attempts to disparage evolution or advocate the non-alternatives of “creation science” or its successor, “intelligent design”.

Of course the need for these efforts is a depressing feature of our cultural landscape. I sure wish that more religious people would explore ways to embrace theistic worldviews which are consistent with scientific naturalism, rather than concluding that evolution and other products of science need to be undermined. What a waste!


Anonymous said...

I quite agree. I'm an engineer and the past five years or so, I have been pursuing a fuller understanding of biology and evolution. It's quite simply the most exciting and satisfying intellectual quest I've encountered in a long time! I shall check back regularly.

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Steve said...

Thanks Lary.