Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Heart Philpapers

David Chalmers announced here the creation of the philpapers.org site to aggregate and provide tools to explore philosophical works of all stripes. It looks stupendous. David Bourget has spearheaded this effort with Chalmers.

So, I was curious whether the site had any online papers or drafts by philosophers of science on the topic of emergent-spacetime approaches to quantum gravity research (I had not yet seen any to date). Voila, I found this nice paper by Jonathan Bain on the condensed-matter physics-based approaches.

There is no way someone outside a university setting like me could keep up with the work of philosophers without the internet. So, while I know I'm not the intended beneficiary of all this effort, I’m nonetheless extremely grateful to the individuals who have worked over the years to aggregate the online papers: including (in addition to Chalmers and Bourget) Brian Weatherson, Jonathan Ichikawa, and Wolfgang Schwarz.

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